• rymdelilache

My Birthday present, to YOU

My dear network, On birthdays, people usually receive gifts. Today, I am doing the giving. I am pleased to share with you all my newest entrepreneural adventure: INJAZ. We offer event planning services, at several stages, as well as digital marketing consulting. ✨ Through the years you may have witnessed my passion to help people reach their dreams, as a friend, as a colleague, as a fellow student. Having grown up between countries and continents, as well as between academic, professional and associative structures, I can juggle between cultures (Oriental/Occidental - Corporate/Leisure like). This upbringing makes my services unique, as all will be tailored to each and everyone’s needs and wishes. 🌟 Please do not hesitate to share this post, or to contact me, should you be interested in a collaboration (Always in need of new vendors to make all dreams possible! 🤩)


Geneva - Switzerland

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