Our Services

Coordination & Management of your Event

Event planning made simpler

My expertise in project management and accounting allows me to be qualified to take care of all the not-so-enjoyable parts of planning your event,

so that you can focus on what's important for YOU.

We will make sure to take care of all the tedious steps in planning your Event, so that you can focus on having the best time.

Event Mood Board

The idea is to help you create a concrete visual of what you want your event to be.

Events shouldn't be simply about the who where and when. 

We strongly believe that events should be a representation of their hosts, so that when the attendees remember them, they remember a scent, a feeling, a song, a taste. Sensory loaded events create the best of memories.

This service allows you to truly define the identity of your event.

Day-of Presence

Additional feature

I will be managing the event on the day-of, so that you can enjoy it as much as the other attendees would. 

Me handling all the operations will allow to focus on the main event and your guests.


Geneva - Switzerland

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